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Tips for the Best Places to Travel to in March Across the USA

March dances in with the whisper of spring, ushering in mild breezes and fresh blooms across the USA. Whether craving sun-drenched beaches or crisp mountain air, this month presents an array of idyllic destinations. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the best spots to visit this March.

Warm Weather Destinations

The Florida Keys

Ah, the Florida Keys, a string of tropical islands stretching about 120 miles off the southern tip of Florida. It’s the kind of place where the winter wardrobe is swapped for flip-flops and tank tops. March, especially, is a sweet spot – it’s warm enough to shed the layers but not yet the sweltering heat of summer. It’s the quintessential March escape!

Key West, the southernmost point in the continental USA, beckons with its Caribbean vibes. Stroll down Duval Street and you’ll feel the heartbeat of the island through its lively bars and boutiques. The sunset celebration at Mallory Square isn’t just a daily ritual; it’s an exuberant spectacle of artists and musicians. For beach-goers, Fort Zachary Taylor State Park offers the perfect blend of history and relaxation with its civil war fort and sun-kissed shores.

Not far from the party atmosphere of Key West lies the tranquil oasis of Islamorada and Marathon. Famous for its sportfishing, Islamorada is often referred to as the ‘Sportfishing Capital of the World‘. Hire a charter, and you might just reel in the catch of a lifetime. Marathon, on the other hand, is a cozy haven for the family, with its Dolphin Research Center and Sombrero Beach, a nesting site for loggerhead turtles.

Lodging in the Keys varies from luxurious waterfront resorts to quaint bed-and-breakfast inns. In March, book ahead to secure your slice of paradise; prices range from around $150 to well over $400 per night.

Now, packing for the Florida Keys is a breeze. Prioritize sun protection – think hats, sunglasses, and reef-safe sunscreen. Lightweight clothing is a must, and if you plan to snorkel the vibrant reefs, bring your gear. And remember, in the Keys, casual is king.


Imagine warm days, cooler evenings, and an itinerary stacked with everything from hiking to watching baseball under the blue desert sky. Arizona in March is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. The weather is just right, with average temperatures sitting comfortably in the mid-70s.

The varied landscapes of Arizona offer activities for every inclination. Hike the trails of the majestic Superstition Mountains, and you might just believe in the legends of hidden treasures. Golf enthusiasts will find nirvana in the state’s premier golf courses, where the only distraction might be the stunning backdrop.

Taking a break from the trails and greens, March is also prime for baseball fans as the Cactus League swings into full force. Catching a spring training game is an ideal way to bask in the sun while enjoying America’s favorite pastime.

There’s no shortage of remarkable places to visit. In Phoenix, the Desert Botanical Garden bursts with wildflowers. Tucson’s charm lies in its Spanish colonial history and its closeness to Saguaro National Park. Sedona’s red rocks offer a surreal escape, while the Grand Canyon is a masterpiece that’s almost obligatory.

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Accommodations in Arizona are as diverse as its landscape. Luxury resorts in Scottsdale provide opulent retreats, while dude ranches offer an authentic cowboy experience. Prices range from budget-friendly motels starting around $50 to more indulgent stays that can run upwards of $300 a night.

Southern California

March in Southern California is all about blue skies, blooming wildflowers, and a plethora of things to see and do that make staying indoors practically a sin. The temperatures average in the high 60s to low 70s – an invitation to explore everything this vibrant region has to offer.

The beaches are certainly top of mind. From the iconic surf culture of Huntington Beach to the seaside charm of Santa Barbara, every coastal stop offers a unique vibe. If you’re after star-spotting or theme parks, Los Angeles has both glamour and thrills in abundance. Palm Springs, meanwhile, is a mid-century modern gem nestled within the desert, its poolside lounging and Coachella Valley excursions making it a trendy escape.

Accommodation options are as plentiful as SoCal’s sunshine, ranging from luxury beachfront hotels in Malibu to trendy boutique stays in West Hollywood. Depending on your choice of sanctuary, nightly rates can range from an affordable $100 to a splurge-worthy $500.

Outdoor Adventure Destinations

Utah’s National Parks

Utah in March is an outdoor enthusiast’s wonderland, a less-crowded window to experience the raw beauty of its ‘Mighty 5‘ national parks. The crisp air and thinner crowds afford a more intimate adventure, whether you’re arch-gazing in Arches or descending into the depths of Canyonlands.

Hiking options are plentiful and stunning. In Zion, the Angel’s Landing offers an exhilarating trail with divine views, while Bryce Canyon’s hoodoos become even more magical under a light dusting of snow. For canyoneering enthusiasts, the slot canyons of Capitol Reef provide a labyrinth to explore, and the Needles District of Canyonlands challenges with its backcountry trails.

An essential trip planning tip: some popular spots require permits, so make sure to check in advance. Guided tours can add significant depth to your visit, providing insights you might miss on your own. When planning your travels, renting a 4WD vehicle is advisable to navigate the back roads with confidence.

Staying near the parks offers options from the rustic charm of lodges to the outdoor experience of camping under the stars. Nightly rates can vary from about $100 for a cozy campsite to upwards of $300 for a deluxe room with a view.


A visit to Alaska in March is for those who’ve dreamt of winter wonderlands and dancing auroras. It’s cold, sure with temperatures ranging from zero to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s also magical. The key to enjoying Alaska this time of year is in the packing: thermal layers, waterproof outerwear, and insulated boots are a must.

The activities are unique and thrilling – think dog sledding through the immense white stretches or tearing across the snow on a snowmobile. And if you’ve ever imagined witnessing the Northern Lights, Alaska’s clear, dark skies provide one of the best stages.

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Anchorage, with its blend of culture and wildlife, is the perfect base to explore south-central Alaska. Fairbanks, closer to the Arctic Circle, offers higher chances to see the aurora borealis. National parks like Denali become serene, snow-covered escapes, with opportunities for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

Lodging becomes part of the adventure in Alaska. You can opt for the warm shelters of lodges, embrace the elements with winter camping, or indulge in luxury with a high-end resort. Nightly rates vary, starting from around $100 to over $400 for the more lavish experiences.

Spring Events and Festivals

Cherry Blossom Festivals

In March, dainty pink and white petals start to pepper the landscape, signaling the arrival of cherry blossom season. It’s an enchanting time to travel, especially to places where these blooms are celebrated with festivals and events. Washington D.C. showcases the National Cherry Blossom Festival, an affair that blends cultural performances with outdoor fun.

Peak bloom can be unpredictable, but typically, late March to early April is when the blossoms are in their full glory. New York’s Brooklyn Botanic Garden also hosts its Sakura Matsuri with traditional crafts while Philadelphia’s cherry blossoms create a backdrop to Morris Arboretum’s Japanese culture days.

For a serene experience, Portland’s waterfront becomes a painter’s palette of cherry blossoms – a scene perfect for leisurely strolls and memorable photos.

When planning to visit, check local websites for the most up-to-date predictions on bloom times to ensure you catch this fleeting spectacle.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

The emerald holiday that invites everyone to be Irish for a day, St. Patrick’s Day, is a nationwide celebration of Irish culture and spirited parades. In cities like Boston, Chicago, and New York, the day is marked with grand parades, the streets a sea of green.

Chicago dyes its river a lush emerald, drawing crowds that are as vibrant as the hue. In New York City, the parade marches up Fifth Avenue with the pomp of pipe bands and the cheer of revelers.

For a full cultural immersion, head to Boston, where Irish pubs offer a warm welcome, live music, and plenty of Guinness.

Where to stay? In March, bustling city centers fill up, so booking in advance is a wise move. Expect nightly rates from around $200 to $500 for central locations that keep you close to the festivities. If you’re going for the party, choose a spot within walking distance to the parades – those Irish jigs are better with friends, new and old.